Of the many signs in life that you have a purpose is that you have a friend in need and God has given you the capability to help them.  Truly, those people who help others are the inspiration for goodness in this world and those acting out of goodwill and faith are the true believers.  The Messenger of God ﷺ said, “None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”

Part of being human is having needs.  We cannot even be alone without the need for good company; even with all the money in the world we would feel empty without a good friend.  May God help us to be good friends to one another.  God has provided us such a powerful gift in that He has taught us through the Qur’an and His Messenger ﷺ how to subdue our own selfish nature so that we may, instead, share what we have with others.  As human beings we have the capacity to do such good, which is why it is so disappointing to see others mistreating the orphans (Q89:17) and refusing to help the sick and needy. Do people not see that every heart without guidance is diseased, and every human being is in a constant state of need? God does not wrong people at all–it is they who wrong themselves (Q10:44).

God help us.  Righteousness is the most beautiful of characteristics, and the righteous the most beautiful of people; ya Allah make us among them!  And do not allow us to alienate ourselves from the righteous, nor discredit their striving for you, nor cause them any harm.

Besides the scholars and shaykhs, and the imams and activists, there are those brothers who and sisters who brought us food because we had none, who taught us something because we did not know, who shared with us a smile because we needed one, who loved us for Your sake, O Allah, because You are the Most Generous One.   O Allah, my prayer is that you preserve them all.  May You serve those who serve others, may You love those who love others, may You protect the honor of those who protect the honor of their brothers and sisters. O Allah, guide us to be in the company of the righteous and may we not die until You count us among them.


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