Dear Friend, Neighbor, Community Leader and Person of Faith:

I would like to invite you to a special event.  There is no doubt that Islamophobia is on the rise, and that it has only led to greater problems within our national and local community.  Some of these problems include attacks on religious centers and American Muslims, and even the burning of books considered sacred by millions of people. Moreover, as a member of our community we are sure that you have also had to face challenging questions and mixed facts related to Islam and American-Muslims.  This is the present reality for both Muslims and people of other faiths in our country.

With this in mind, the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT) will be sponsoring a 2-Day introductory course to address many of the issues that have come to the forefront of our discussions today.  Some of these topics include: theology, law (i.e., Shari’ah), views of people of other faiths, history and women.  This course is called: Windows to Islam.

Windows to Islam is not intended to proselytize, or convert any person to the religion of Islam. The sole purpose of the class is to provide those who are interested with an objective perspective of Islam and Muslims, and inform community members about the essence of Islam in a time when stereotypes have muddled rational observation.

Windows to Islam will be held for two days, Saturday June 18th and Saturday June 25th, at: The Islamic Center of Greater Hartford (Berlin Mosque), 1781 Wilbur Cross Highway, Berlin, CT 06037

The course will be conducted from 11am-5pm both days. Class will start sharply at 11am, so please plan to arrive before 11am.  Registration is $20.

To reserve your seat please email  A special student notebook will be provided to each student; register beforehand to guarantee your copy.

I hope to see you there.

Click here to download the Windows to Islam Flyer.

Visit the Event Page on Facebook.

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