Muslims in the West #3I feel honored that my conversion story has been translated into Thai and included into a book entitled New Muslims in the West, #3.

My story is deeply personal, but I decided to share it online several years ago at the request of a good friend. Knowing that it is now being shared with men and women across the world–and in a language other than my own–fills me with a tremendous sense of awe for God that cannot be expressed.

I take this publication as a reminder first to myself of God’s work in my life, and I hope that it might remind others of how God is working in theirs. I thank Kattiya Lemso at Lana Books in Thailand for the invitation to be a part of this publication, as well as their translation team.

Although many readers of this blog might not speak Thai, I do invite those who are able and interested to check out Lana Books online (click here to visit). It has been published in Bangkok, Thailand, by Lana Books (owned by Bangkok Crescent Co., Ltd).


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