In just a few moments we will awake upon a new scene,
Anxiously awaiting judgement for all of our deeds.

Our lifetime seeming like only part of a day;
As we hope our good deeds will bear the most weight.

After days, months, or years in the grave our body will stand anew;
Revived by the One who created from one soul two.

We’ll stand and argue with each other, though by then it’ll be too late;
Frantically awaiting whatever proves to be our fate.

Is it Paradise, or Hellfire? O Allah, my sins absolve!
Let it not be that vain desire led me away from the One I should’ve loved!

For when I am finally standing alone before the Maliki Yawmi Din,*
I will not be hoping for justice but for Your mercy.

(* Arabic for Master of the Day of Judgment)

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