Spirituality and Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary: May 23 – 25, 2013

Sponsored by

Society for Pastoral Counselling Research (SPCR), Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and the South West Region of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care

This two-day conference will explore the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy through unique presentations and workshops led by counselling and spiritual care professionals. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Kenneth Pargament, international researcher, clinician and author of Spiritual Integrated Psychotherapy: Understanding and Addressing the Sacred.


I have been invited to present on the following topic:

Caring for the Muslim Soul: A Survey of the Literature and Prospects for Further Research

Presentation Description: Research related to the spiritual care of the Muslim patient is growing; though it is arguably still in its infancy. In this presentation, I will provide findings from my survey of the literature as it relates to caring for Muslim patients in a healthcare setting. Much of the current literature still focuses on providing general history, beliefs, and demographics for the care provider. However, there is a greater need for more qualitative research. In my presentation I will speak of the findings of my survey of the literature, the need for more qualitative research, and share reflections from my own experience as a Muslim Spiritual Care Provider.

Conference Cost: Students – $75.00; Adults – $150.00

Register Online through Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

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