“For readers from all walks of life who provide spiritual care in a professional or volunteer capacity, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is a much needed companion on their own journeys of learning, discovery, and healing. Its pages offer an accessible, vivid and often passionate gathering of reflections and current research intended to both challenge and inspire.” (from the Back Cover)

Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul offers an in-depth look into a variety of spiritual care practices, multi-faith approaches and the current state of research.

Psychotherapy - Cure of the SoulMy chapter, Caring for the Muslim Soul: Approaches to the Spiritual Care of Muslim Patients (chapter 3), offers recommendations for the spiritual care of Muslim patients in healthcare settings. These recommendations are based upon a critical review of pertinent literature “by spiritual care practitioners, psychologists, social workers, clinicians and researchers” (p. 49). And, these are preceded by a brief view of the care of the soul from an Islamic perspective.

The book was officially launched today (April 4) at a special event hosted by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. It’s title, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is reflective of the growing interconnection between spiritual care and psychotherapy (click here to see a prior post on this topic). It is available for purchase at the seminary and online (here).

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