Islam has become one of the most relevant issues in the forefront of socio-political debates in the West. It’s representation in Western films, news stories, and other media often conveys a narrative that Islam is a force of destruction, backwardness, violence and terrorism. However, many Muslims adamantly defend their faith as being about peace, submission to God and love for all mankind. As such, those who wish to better understand Islam objectively may wonder: how does one reconcile these profoundly conflicting views of Islam in light of today’s realities?

This class is designed with these thoughts in mind.

Windows to Islam is a 2-Day Seminar intending to provide those interested with an objective look at Islam and Muslims. This will be provided through a basic, albeit in-depth, overview of Islamic Theology (‘aqidah), Law (fiqh), and History. By the end of the course students will have become familiar with many of the subjects covered in a 12-week undergraduate course.

Windows to Islam is not intended to proselytize, or convert any person to the religion of Islam. The sole purpose of the class is to provide fellow community members, clergy, professionals and those interested with an objective perspective of Islam and Muslims in a time when stereotypes have muddled rational observation.

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