Monday, January 27

6:00 – 8:00 pm

ALES Atrium, University of Alberta

University students are a unique demographic. While many will pursue education in institutions within (or near) their city of residence, many more will travel afar in pursuit of their ideal educational program. Though this is an important and exciting time within a young adults life, in this state of transience Muslim youth are often isolated from familiar sources of social and spiritual support; including family, friends, and religious and social institutions they grew up relying upon.

With this in mind, how can a positive community be developed within and around educational institutions so that diverse Muslim students can feel supported? Moreover, how can they build community as they navigate diverse beliefs, practices, and multiple identities?

Come learn about Muslim Chaplaincy and join the Green Room in a discussion on the potential role of IFSSA’s new Youth Mental Health Lead (Chaplain) in helping youth navigate campus life.

The event will feature a series of presentations by community leaders on the topic of Muslim chaplaincy. Come learn and share your thoughts.

Your participation will help determine the future of the position!

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