I am so happy to announce that a new website with resources for Christian-Muslim dialogue has just been launched! It is called ACommonWord.ca

It provides an array of videos, articles, reading suggestions, and a resource kit for those looking to better understand Christian-Muslim dialogue and want ideas for how to host a dialogue in their community.

The website has been a project in development for some time and has been under the special care of my colleague and friend Rev. Dr. Scott Sharman, as well as many Christians and Muslims across Canada.

I contributed an introductory essay for individuals who want to better understand Christian-Muslim dialogue from an Islamic perspective.  It has been published as: AN ORIENTING ESSAY FOR CANADIAN MUSLIMS

Common Word Canada

2 thoughts on “Invitation to Christian-Muslim Dialogue

  1. Wa ‘Alaikum As-Salam,

    Opportunities vary, but there are a variety of institutions that provide different Islamic classes for children. It, of course, varies from age group to age group and the subject you want to focus on (Qur’an memorization, Arabic, General Islamic Studies…).

    It depends upon the needs of the child and the goals for the education (if it is character development, socializing with other Muslims, or specific Islamic learning). I can’t really recommend one particular institution as the needs and circumstances vary. Though, you are not alone and there are other parents involved (or wanting to be) in programs in Edmonton.

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