I am so utterly proud and excited to finally share this new book with the world. This has been a labour of love long in the making for all of the Muslim chaplains involved. It consists of stories and reflections authored by Muslim chaplains who serve our North American community in a number of ways. Their reflections shed light on the true work of Muslim chaplaincy in universities, hospitals, the military, and correctional settings. It is now available for pre-order and, yes, there is also a chapter authored by this needy slave of God.

Description of the Book

There is a plethora of literature on the market about Christian-centered spiritual caregiving. In fact, many people associate chaplaincy with Christianity by default. Yet Islam—the world’s second-largest religion—has a devoted and growing community of chaplains as well. The number of books written for them, however, is greatly lacking. Responding to this need, four Muslim chaplains have compiled and edited this collection of essays, each of which is the account of a spiritual caregiver of the Islamic faith.

Through the lens of their experiences, we learn of the tenderhearted and skillful ways that Muslim chaplains apply the mercy and compassion of the Prophet Muhammad to the individuals under their care. We additionally learn about the theology and philosophy that informs their service, the obstacles they face in navigating a predominately Christian profession, and how they administer to the spiritual needs of people of different faiths or of no faith at all.

What’s more, Muslim chaplains work in a variety of environments, among them hospitals, universities, the armed forces, local communities, and correction facilities. Each locale presents its own challenges, and each is touched upon by the authors in this volume, with a focus on North America. Over the span of forty chapters, these vivid reflections show us the power of Islamic principles to bring strength and comfort to the sick and suffering. In addition, the personal approach of Mantle of Mercy is intended to correct certain misunderstandings about the Muslim faith and to promote the development of a curriculum that is both ethically and spiritually sound, and that is informed by the real-world experiences of Islamic chaplains.


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