Ibrahim St. Joesالسلام عليكم‎ | Peace be upon you

IbrahimLong.com (now “.org”) was initially created to help me connect with and support Muslim students attending Choate Rosemary Hall when I served as the school’s first Muslim Chaplain (2010-2012). However, after this site was established I was amazed to see positive feedback from not only Choate’s students but also diverse individuals interested in Muslim chaplaincy, as well as friends and family who liked staying up-to-date with my current activities.

After Choate (and my graduate coursework at Hartford Seminary), I moved to Canada and entered into an intensive clinical pastoral education (CPE) program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (2012-2014). The program was rigorous and I found that this blog was a perfect outlet to express thoughts and reflections brought about by my experience providing pastoral care to diverse patients and families. Moreover, as there are few websites or resources that provide information about Muslim chaplaincy, this blog also became a means of sharing information about this developing field.

It has been a pleasure and honor to connect through this site with other educators and care providers, as well as various healthcare, educational, and community-based institutions who are looking to better meet the needs of their Muslim patients, students, and/or community members. (Those interested can connect with me here.)

Presently, I serve as an Islamic studies teacher and school chaplain for the Edmonton Islamic Academy as well as a clinical chaplain for Alberta Health Services. I also volunteer as a Muslim chaplain at Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT) and the University of Alberta. After completing my CPE training and moving to Edmonton I took some time off from my blog to focus on my new position and home. However, now that I have settled in, I am hoping that this blog will continue to be a means for me to reach out to anyone interested in Muslim chaplaincy, what I share, and the work I do.

Thank you for visiting | God bless.



Those of you interested in my journey to Islam may read about that here.