Ibrahim St. Joes

I have found so much meaning and profound life-lessons in the service of others. Within each student, patient, or client I serve, I experience a unique soul that has the same needs, strengths, and vulnerabilities as my own. Helping others to find those strengths within themselves and around them, roots me in the reality of these essential truths as well.

As a clinical chaplain, I have had the privilege of working beside fellow chaplains of varying faiths as well as psychiatrists, social workers, and medical professionals in medical and psychiatric hospitals. Serving on these inter-professional teams  in the care of  diverse patients and families has contributed to my own growth as a counselor and interest in publishing research.

As a teacher, it has been a distinct privilege of mine to be able to contribute to the faith and wellness of our youth. In my classes, and throughout my programs, I emphasize the interconnections of mind, body, and heart; drawing upon classical Islamic theology, psychology, and contemporary research and science.

Presently, I serve as an Islamic studies teacher for the Edmonton Islamic Academy as well as a clinical chaplain for Alberta Health Services. I also serve as a volunteer Muslim chaplain for the Northern Alberta Institute for Technology (NAIT) and the University of Alberta.

Professional Education & Credentials
  • Clinical Spiritual Care and Counseling Residency (4 units of CPE, 1 unit PCE), St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, 2012-14
  • Master of Arts, Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, 2014
  • Graduate Certificate, Islamic Chaplaincy, 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude), Humanities and Religious Studies, 2007
Professional Awards
  • Momentum Mental Health Researcher/Clinician Award (May 2018), Momentum Walk-in Counselling
  • Distinguished Service Award (March 2016), Association of Muslim Chaplains
  • Angel-Marie O’Connor Award (August 2013), Spiritual Care Department, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton