We all need care and support at times. This quality does not make us any less human, but rather makes us human. Recognizing our own neediness is the soil from which springs human empathy and compassion; two qualities that are arguably essential for every human virtue. As Islamic theology as well as human reason dictate, God alone is without any need; while recognition of our neediness is ultimately what leads us closer to Him. Hence, caring for others is not just about the act of helping another human being. Caring for others reinforces the reality of our own neediness before God. Thus, every opportunity to care for others, or to be cared for, is an opportunity to be closer to God.

Post-Secondary Chaplaincy

I presently offer chaplaincy services for students and staff of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and the University of Alberta. These services are offered for free and based upon availability. Students and staff who wish to meet may connect with me here or email me at chaplaincy@nait.ca or at ilong@ualberta.ca

Private Counseling

Options for Muslim mental health and spiritual care services are limited. Individuals and families who are looking for professional support or private counseling may be recommended to me by others or come across this website when searching for services online. It is an honor to be requested to serve and it is a goal of mine to be able to do so professionally. This is why, in addition to my current credentials and education, I am presently pursuing additional qualifications to enable me to provide private counseling in an official capacity. God-willing, I will share here if and when I am able to do so. Until then, I pray that you are able to find the support that you need and I also ask for your prayers (du’a) and support.