CASC Conference – 2014

The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC) will be hosting its 2014 conference in Winnipeg. As with each year, this national conference will feature workshops, lectures, and other activities led by spiritual care researchers, scholars, and clinicians from across Canada.

I encourage my fellow chaplains (and those interested) to check it out as it will not only be a great way to enhance our skills and professional competencies, but also network with fellow chaplains from across Canada. This year the conferences theme is caring for the patient’s dignity during hospitalization and is entitled: Dignity at the Centre.

In addition to attending the conference, I am honored to join as a presenter alongside Thomas St. James O’Connor, ThD, Terry Bard, PhD, and Elizabeth Meakes, DMin. Our joint-presentation is called: Cure of the Soul in Abrahamic Faith Traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Below is a description:

This workshop presents the work of Terry Bard (Jewish), Ibrahim Long (Muslim) and Thomas St. James O’Connor  and Elizabeth Meakes (Christian) on the cure of the soul.  The cure of the soul began with Greek philosophers  before the Common Era.  For these philosophers, the cure of the soul involved the pursuit of truth.  This concept influenced the Abrahamic faith traditions.  The workshop seeks to explain some practices and concepts of the cure of the soul in Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  The goal is understanding respect and enlightened identity.

To read about Muslim involvement in last year’s conference, check out this article by Amira Elghawaby (CAIR-CAN).

For more information about the conference, visit the CASC website.


CASC/ACSS is a national multifaith organization, committed to the professional education, certification and support of people involved in spiritual care, pastoral counselling, education and research.

Retreat for Muslim Chaplains & Social Workers

Inspired by the Beloved  

A Professional and Spiritual Retreat for Muslim Chaplains and Social Workers

Emmanuel College
75 Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1K7
Room 119 (first floor, lecture hall across from the main offices)

Saturday, November 16, 9-5pm

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Muslims Present and Active at National Chaplaincy Conference

Check out this latest article by Amira Elghawaby, a human rights coordinator for CAIR.CAN and a freelance journalist.

Elghawaby’s article speaks to the active engagement of Muslim presenters and attendees (including myself =) ) at the annual conference for the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC).

Ottawa Conference
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Conversion Story Available in Tai

Muslims in the West #3I feel honored that my conversion story has been translated into Thai and included into a book entitled New Muslims in the West, #3.

My story is deeply personal, but I decided to share it online several years ago at the request of a good friend. Knowing that it is now being shared with men and women across the world–and in a language other than my own–fills me with a tremendous sense of awe for God that cannot be expressed.

I take this publication as a reminder first to myself of God’s work in my life, and I hope that it might remind others of how God is working in theirs. I thank Kattiya Lemso at Lana Books in Thailand for the invitation to be a part of this publication, as well as their translation team.

Although many readers of this blog might not speak Thai, I do invite those who are able and interested to check out Lana Books online (click here to visit). It has been published in Bangkok, Thailand, by Lana Books (owned by Bangkok Crescent Co., Ltd).


Windows to Islam: A Look Inside Islam this June 2011

Dear Friend, Neighbor, Community Leader and Person of Faith:

I would like to invite you to a special event.  There is no doubt that Islamophobia is on the rise, and that it has only led to greater problems within our national and local community.  Some of these problems include attacks on religious centers and American Muslims, and even the burning of books considered sacred by millions of people. Moreover, as a member of our community we are sure that you have also had to face challenging questions and mixed facts related to Islam and American-Muslims.  This is the present reality for both Muslims and people of other faiths in our country.

With this in mind, the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut (MCCT) will be sponsoring a 2-Day introductory course to address many of the issues that have come to the forefront of our discussions today.  Some of these topics include: theology, law (i.e., Shari’ah), views of people of other faiths, history and women.  This course is called: Windows to Islam.

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Taking a Stand to Change a Nation

There is something I am extremely passionate about… something I quit my job last year for and packed my car up and moved to Detroit in one day for… something I spend 80+ hours a week on to make a success… something that is my life until 2011: Bilal’s Stand

Bilal’s Stand, (in case you haven’t heard), is a seriously good Sundance-accepted award-winning film by a young, talented Muslim, Sultan Sharrief.  Sultan is a close friend of mine and after he got into Sundance and realized this movie could go somewhere, he asked me to come out and join him as his business manager. After reflecting and praying on it, I decided to go for it.  Why?  Because I realized the best way to counter the rising tide of Islamaphobia was to be found in media – in Muslims gaining control of how we define ourselves and how Islam is perceived by the masses through the television and movies they see.

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