Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace #Edmonton #Alberta

The Wellness Program & Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Presents "The Government of Alberta is committed to a diverse public service workforce that reflects the qualities and differences of the broader population it serves. The Government of Alberta is equally committed to an inclusive workplace that welcomes, respects, and values the diversity of employees and supports … Continue reading Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace #Edmonton #Alberta

Counselling Muslims @StStephensCollege

Counseling Muslims is a professional seminar that seeks to help attendees develop competencies in the counsel and care of Muslim clients through guided lessons and case studies. Attendees will receive instruction in the most highly-recommended approaches for the care of Muslim clients based on trends within the professional literature and the experiences of the instructor. … Continue reading Counselling Muslims @StStephensCollege

Supporting Your Muslim Clients in #Edmonton

Please note: October 27th "Supporting Your Muslim Clients" was rescheduled to November 7th. This workshop aims to provide frontline workers, counsellors, chaplains, and other care providers with the essential knowledge of Islam and Muslims that will better enable them to provide culturally sensitive care to diverse Muslims. Areas of discussion will include an overview of … Continue reading Supporting Your Muslim Clients in #Edmonton

Windows to Islam @ St. Stephen’s College

This year, I am proud to offer Windows to Islam in coordination with St. Stephen's College (on the University of Alberta campus). Nov. 10th & 17th 10:00 am - 3:00pm Windows to Islam provides an overview of Islam's rich historical and religious tradition with an emphasis upon how history, contemporary issues, and the Islamic religious sciences … Continue reading Windows to Islam @ St. Stephen’s College

#NAIN Conference in #Edmonton

This year, the annual North American Interfaith Network (NAIN) conference will be hosted in Edmonton. The conference moves around each year to various cities across North America. This year it will be hosted at MacEwan University between August 1st and 2nd (with events preceding and following these workshops and events). From their website: "NAIN builds communication … Continue reading #NAIN Conference in #Edmonton

Dr. Ingrid Mattson: #Interfaith Event in #Edmonton

Dr. Ingrid Mattson was my first teacher when I attended Hartford Seminary's Islamic Chaplaincy program. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was the right school for me and was still on the fence about it. However, I was so impressed with her knowledge, academic rigor, and the way that she carries herself that … Continue reading Dr. Ingrid Mattson: #Interfaith Event in #Edmonton