Workshop | November 20

Description Formerly called "Supporting Your Muslim Clients". This workshop aims to provide frontline workers, counsellors, chaplains, and other care providers with the essential knowledge of Islam and Muslims that will better enable them to provide culturally sensitive care to diverse Muslims. Areas of discussion will include an overview of Islam and Muslims with an emphasis on … Continue reading Workshop | November 20

A Common Word: Annual Dialogue | 2019

A Common Word Alberta's annual Christian-Muslim dialogues are the most dedicated and inspiring annual Christian-Muslim events in our Edmonton area. I look forward to seeing the organizers as well as the regular attendees each year. Come check it out if you have never been. Click to Register Heart of Hospitality Saturday, October 26, 2019 ACCA … Continue reading A Common Word: Annual Dialogue | 2019

Caring for Ahmad and Other Muslim Youth

To continue the conversation about youth at risk, and how imams and Muslim chaplains can respond, I asked my dear friend Sh. Jamaal Diwan to offer a reflection on the points raised in my article "What Happened to Ahmad: Responding to Muslim Youth at Risk." The following is his insightful response: Since I was asked … Continue reading Caring for Ahmad and Other Muslim Youth

“What happened to Ahmad?”: Responding to Muslim Youth at Risk

“Ibrahim,” he asked, “can you speak with me?”  Ahmad*, 19, was a young Muslim man struggling with peer pressure at his community college to drink and engage in sexual activity. I was not the imam, nor was I a chaplain at this time, but I could see in his eyes that he was desperately seeking … Continue reading “What happened to Ahmad?”: Responding to Muslim Youth at Risk

Mind: The Interpreter

Imam al-Ghazali once said, ‎ "The tongue is the counselor, the mind the interpreter and the heart is what is affected." Ghazali's words present a succinct way of conceptualizing our relationship with the world around us. We are surrounded by various stimuli (including events, people, statements... etc) that, due to our interpretation of them, causes … Continue reading Mind: The Interpreter