Vulnerable Moments

There is so much I wish I could share about my experiences working in a hospital. I have held the hand of a dying man, had existential discussions with a terminally-ill agnostic, have witnessed smudging ceremonies, heard family members share the incredible and humorous memories of loved ones they've lost, have had warm conversations about the value … Continue reading Vulnerable Moments

Mspiration Interview

Saeed Saeed, an Australian writer and journalist, interviewed me recently for his unique blog: Mspiration. I was honored to be featured on his site alongside individuals who inspire me. I also appreciated Saeed's relaxed and professional interview style and overall dedication to his site and its goals. May Allah reward him generously. Those interested in reading … Continue reading Mspiration Interview

Spiritual Care Psychotherapy?

Have you ever thought of chaplains as psychotherapists? If the answer is no, then perhaps your perspective may change; particularly if you live in Ontario, Canada. For the province of Ontario will soon be regulating the controlled act of psychotherapy, which, broadly defined below, includes aspects of spiritual care. And, like other healthcare professionals, including … Continue reading Spiritual Care Psychotherapy?