Supporting Your Muslim Clients in #Edmonton | July 23

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This workshop aims to provide frontline workers, counsellors, chaplains, and other care providers with the essential knowledge of Islam and Muslims that will better enable them to provide culturally sensitive care to diverse Muslims. Areas of discussion will include an overview of Islam and Muslims with an emphasis on Edmonton’s Muslim demographics and contemporary issues affecting the community.

Participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of Islamic cultures and values
  • Learn about Muslim demographics and current social issues in Edmonton
  • Learn about the most highly-recommended approaches for the care of Muslim clients through instructor’s first-hand experience and published research
  • Develop cultural competencies through guided lessons and cases studies

Although the seminar is specifically focused on the care of Muslim clients, the competencies developed through the course will also better enable the attendee to work within any multi-cultural and multi-faith setting.

About the Facilitator:

Ibrahim J. Long, MA, GCIC, is a professional chaplain and educator with over 10 years of experience supporting diverse individuals and families in educational, healthcare, community-based, and correctional institutions. He has published research on the care of Muslim clients and Muslim chaplaincy and has received recognition for his professional and community work. Ibrahim specializes in the study and practice of Muslim chaplaincy, Islamic education, and Christian-Muslim relations. Presently, Ibrahim serves as an educator and Muslim chaplain for Edmonton Islamic Academy as well as a clinical chaplain for the Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta hospitals.

Notice to Registered Social Workers: REACH workshops are eligible for Category A credits with the Alberta College of Social Workers if they align with your personal learning goals for the year and you submit a Category A Summary Form in your personal portfolio.

Coffee/Tea and light snacks will be provided.

Participant Feedback:

“I did not have a good understanding of Islamic beliefs or Muslim practices previously. Now I feel I have that base knowledge.”

“It was a beautiful opportunity for this conversation in Edmonton.”

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Dr. Ingrid Mattson: #Interfaith Event in #Edmonton

Ingrid Mattson Flyer

Dr. Ingrid Mattson was my first teacher when I attended Hartford Seminary’s Islamic Chaplaincy program. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was the right school for me and was still on the fence about it. However, I was so impressed with her knowledge, academic rigor, and the way that she carries herself that I knew I had to stay.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Mattson is one of the key authorities on Islam and Interfaith Relations. She will be visiting Edmonton to provide a talk on promoting interfaith and multicultural connections, and I encourage you to attend if you are in the area.

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A New Book for Spiritual Care and Counseling Professionals

“For readers from all walks of life who provide spiritual care in a professional or volunteer capacity, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is a much needed companion on their own journeys of learning, discovery, and healing. Its pages offer an accessible, vivid and often passionate gathering of reflections and current research intended to both challenge and inspire.” (from the Back Cover)

Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul offers an in-depth look into a variety of spiritual care practices, multi-faith approaches and the current state of research.

Psychotherapy - Cure of the SoulMy chapter, Caring for the Muslim Soul: Approaches to the Spiritual Care of Muslim Patients (chapter 3), offers recommendations for the spiritual care of Muslim patients in healthcare settings. These recommendations are based upon a critical review of pertinent literature “by spiritual care practitioners, psychologists, social workers, clinicians and researchers” (p. 49). And, these are preceded by a brief view of the care of the soul from an Islamic perspective.

The book was officially launched today (April 4) at a special event hosted by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. It’s title, Psychotherapy: Cure of the Soul is reflective of the growing interconnection between spiritual care and psychotherapy (click here to see a prior post on this topic). It is available for purchase at the seminary and online (here).

CASC Conference – 2014

The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC) will be hosting its 2014 conference in Winnipeg. As with each year, this national conference will feature workshops, lectures, and other activities led by spiritual care researchers, scholars, and clinicians from across Canada.

I encourage my fellow chaplains (and those interested) to check it out as it will not only be a great way to enhance our skills and professional competencies, but also network with fellow chaplains from across Canada. This year the conferences theme is caring for the patient’s dignity during hospitalization and is entitled: Dignity at the Centre.

In addition to attending the conference, I am honored to join as a presenter alongside Thomas St. James O’Connor, ThD, Terry Bard, PhD, and Elizabeth Meakes, DMin. Our joint-presentation is called: Cure of the Soul in Abrahamic Faith Traditions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Below is a description:

This workshop presents the work of Terry Bard (Jewish), Ibrahim Long (Muslim) and Thomas St. James O’Connor  and Elizabeth Meakes (Christian) on the cure of the soul.  The cure of the soul began with Greek philosophers  before the Common Era.  For these philosophers, the cure of the soul involved the pursuit of truth.  This concept influenced the Abrahamic faith traditions.  The workshop seeks to explain some practices and concepts of the cure of the soul in Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  The goal is understanding respect and enlightened identity.

To read about Muslim involvement in last year’s conference, check out this article by Amira Elghawaby (CAIR-CAN).

For more information about the conference, visit the CASC website.


CASC/ACSS is a national multifaith organization, committed to the professional education, certification and support of people involved in spiritual care, pastoral counselling, education and research.

Retreat for Muslim Chaplains & Social Workers

Inspired by the Beloved  

A Professional and Spiritual Retreat for Muslim Chaplains and Social Workers

Emmanuel College
75 Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1K7
Room 119 (first floor, lecture hall across from the main offices)

Saturday, November 16, 9-5pm

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Outline of Narrative Therapy

Some chaplains, pastoral counsellors and spiritual care psychotherapists integrate narrative therapy into their spiritual care of clients. Students being trained in pastoral counselling and spiritual care psychotherapy work under a qualified supervisor from the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC). Following is a description of the background, assumptions and ideas of narrative therapy.

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