“The law is known. The chaplain can state it, but the chaplain’s role is not to be a mufti or a faqih or even a preacher. There is nothing wrong with being these things. We need people who articulate all the different aspects of our faith. But in my opinion, the chaplain is the person who reflects God’s infinite mercy, who brings that reflection to light up the dark rooms of suffering.”

– Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Muslim Chaplains: A New and Needed Face in Religious Leadership (video)

Provides a general introduction to Muslim Chaplaincy in light of the needs of our Muslim youth and young adults.

“What happened to Ahmad?”: Responding to Muslim Youth at Risk

The story of Ahmad, a young Muslim man confronted with peer and family pressures, and how his experience speaks to Muslim youth across North America. This article calls for changes within the community to help youth who are experiencing similar pressures and brings attention to the need of more Muslim counsellors.

Caring for Ahmad and Other Muslim Youth by Sh. Jamaal Diwan

An insightful engagement with the above story of Ahmad from an al-Azhari graduate.

Muslim Chaplains: Serving in Diversity

An article looking at the diverse environments within which Muslim chaplains work, some differences between them and an imam, and how their unique training and experiences may be helpful in caring for the greater Muslim community (Published by the Association of Muslim Chaplains).

A Prophetic Model for Islamic Chaplaincy by Dr. Ingrid Mattson (audio)

An insightful look at how Muslims have historically addressed the needs of their community along with reflections upon potential areas of growth for the profession.

Gems from the Inspired by the Beloved ﷺ Retreat

A personal reflection on the first Inspired by the Beloved ﷺ retreat in Toronto. It includes a description of the event, activities, and five take away points from Dr. Ingrid Mattson’s presentation (Published by SeekersGuidance).

A Chaplain’s Plea

An article calling attention to the needs of the Muslim Youth and how they can be better met if more Islamic institutions offered community leaders education and training in counseling and spiritual care (Published by SuhaibWebb.com).

Shepherding Our Children

A reflection upon our role as shepherds to our children and youth in general.

The Beauty of Islam: A Message of Mercy

A reflection upon the essence of Islam: Is it peace (salam), or mercy (rahma)?

Leadership Leading to Disunity

A brief reflection shedding light upon how the way communities disagree over how to approach a problem may be more detrimental to the health of the community than the problem itself.

Caring and Being Cared For: A Reflection and Prayer

Of the many signs in life that you have a purpose is that you have a friend in need and God has given you the capability to help them.

Spiritual Care Psychotherapy?

Have you ever thought of chaplains as psychotherapists? If the answer is no, then perhaps your perspective may change; particularly if you live in Ontario, Canada.

My First Call to the Hospital

A reflection on my first experience being called to the hospital to offer a patient spiritual care.

Prayer and My Prison Khutba

A reflection on a prison khutba that just did not go how I had planned.

Choate’s Muslims Get Their Own Chaplain by Samaia Hernandez

An article about my work as the first Muslim Chaplain at Choate Rosemary Hall (First published by the Record-Journal).

An Impact I Never Knew…

We never know what impact, if any, we will ever have on the lives of others, and I was both blessed and surprised today to discover that a few kind words of mine helped to change another human being’s life.

Guidelines for the Khateeb (Muslim Preacher) by Sidi Ahmed Veknach

Some guidelines and advice on how to provide a relevant and caring khutba.

A New Book For Spiritual Care & Counselling Professionals

An brief introduction and announcement about my chapter in a newly published book on spiritual care and psychotherapy.

Mspiration Interview

A personal interview by Saeed Saeed of Mspiration on finding my faith and being with others amidst their suffering.