Coffee with the Chaplain: Instagram Live Discussions about Mental Health

Islam & Women: A Brief Discussion with Naz Qureshi

An interview in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  

The Messenger I Love

A reflection on love of the Prophet Muhammad, why I love him, and why Muslims should stop saying: “If you say you love the Prophet but do not follow all of his Sunnahs, you are fooling yourself.”

Embracing the Prophet ﷺ After Embracing Islam: A Converts Reflection 

A brief personal reflection on a gathering I had with other converts on how love for the Prophet only came after our embracing of Islam, and how our love for him grew as we continued to try to practice what we learned (Published by Healing Hearts Blog).

Meeting our Beloved Prophet ﷺ (audio)

A short talk on the Prophet’s description and our meeting with him, God-willing, at his Basin (Hawd) as part of a special Ramadan series on the soul’s journey after death.

“Too Embarrassed to Talk About It”: Pornography Addiction and Some of Its Effects on Muslim Marital Life

An article calling attention to the growing problem of pornography addiction and some of its effects on marital relationships. Also available on

Living the Legacy of Loved One’s Lost (audio)

A deeply personal account of my own struggle losing my mother to cancer. These brief words were offered as support to family members and friends of patients who had lost their lives due to illness and other causes. They were provided as part of a memorial service that took place at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton on May 9, 2013.

Who Do You Love? (And Have You Told Them?)

A reflection upon and call to follow the prophetic command to tell those whom you love that you love them.

Seeking Happiness in a Mirage

“The deeds of disbelievers are like a mirage in a desert: the thirsty person thinks there will be water but, when he gets there, he finds it is nothing” (Q. al-Nur; 24:39).

Can You Be Loved?

A brief reflection on self-acceptance and Divine love.

Reflection on Neediness

A brief reflection on the reality of our human neediness in light of the compassion and generosity of God.

Sufism for Non-Sufi’s: A Review of Dr. Sherman Jackson’s Translation

An announcement of my recently published review of Dr. Jackson’s Sufism for Non-Sufi’s.

Digging My Well

A brief reflection on the difficulties in striving to be with God.

Interpreting Our Experiences

A reflection on how our feelings and subsequent behavior is based not so much on  various stimuli (including events, people, statements… etc) but our interpretation of them.