“Too Embarrassed to Talk About It”: Pornography Addiction and Some of Its Effects on Muslim Marital Life

Pornography addiction is a rapidly growing condition affecting thousands across the world. The addiction has grown tremendously alongside advances in internet speeds and usability that make more accessible the internet’s reportedly 4.2 million pornographic websites.[1] At any given second there are estimated to be over 28,000 people worldwide viewing online pornography, and a growing number of families (in some surveys nearly 50 percent) are reporting that pornography is a problem in their home.[2] Among the many ill effects of pornography addiction are those that bring strain to marital relationships, and these effects are not absent from the American Muslim community as well. To respond, American Muslims need to better understand the nature of this addiction and develop creative ways to prevent addiction and help those affected.

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Of Love and Knowledge: The Story of Fatimah al-Samarqandi

My dear sisters imagine what if you were receiving proposals from all over the world, but your father denied all except those who were seekers of knowledge? And brothers, what if you were seeking a wife and her dowry, which she asked of you, did not include dollars or cents but rather that you contribute some way to the community? Sisters, imagine what it would be like to be so well known for your knowledge that the leader of the Muslim community asks for you- by name– to sit on his advisory board? Brothers, have you ever asked a shaykh a question and, him not knowing, referred you ask to his daughter? Would you believe that all of this has occurred?

What I am about to share with you is not about just one amazing life, but an amazing perspective on life shared in common by the most righteous of people.

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