Nurture Compassion #Ramadan2016


Join me this Ramadan for a weekly series on nurturing compassion
for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Each Sunday of Ramadan
12:30 – 1:30pm

Boyle Street Community League
9538 103A Avenue, Edmonton

Tarjuma emerges from our need to belong to a God-conscious, welcoming community that nourishes our longing for fellowship and spiritual cultivation.Tarjuma Logo

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Ramadan and the Honda Accord

Ramadan compared to other holidays is like driving a Mercedes while everyone else has a Honda Accord.* Imagine if you were a young child sitting in the back seat of that Mercedes. Your mom or dad is driving along and everywhere you look every other kid, like you, is sitting in the back of a Honda Accord.

At this point you would be too young yet to realize the quality and value of your parents automobile, so you may feel somehow left out, awkward, and like you just don’t fit in. Likely you may even wish your parents drove a Honda just like the other kids’ parents.

But imagine how much your view would change once you got behind the wheel…

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