Whether as a teacher, clinical chaplain, or program coordinator, I have had the honor to serve others in a variety of ways that has allowed me to grow personally and professionally.

For over ten years, I have had the privilege to offer classes and workshops that aim to support professionals, institutions, and community members in their care and support of Muslim patients, clients, employees, students, and neighbors.

My approach is rooted in contemporary research that recognizes the reality of Muslim diversity as well as the historical norms of the tradition and its on-going relationship with Christianity and Judaism.

If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop, or would like to know more, simply contact me.

Previously Offered

  • Windows to Islam: A Glimpse Inside Islamic Theology, Law, and History
  • Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace
  • Nurturing Compassion: A Community Series
  • Supporting Your Muslim Clients
  • Integrating Islam in the Curriculum
  • Cultivating Character in Students and Teachers
  • What is Islamic about Islamic Counseling?
  • Counseling Muslims
  • Caring for Community Members: Essentials of Islamic Pastoral Care
  • …and more