Photo by Amine Hambaba

While visiting Sacramento for Ramadan, I was asked to participate in our imam’s series of lectures on the “Journey to the Hereafter.” The series delves into the journey of the soul from this world into the next, and looks at each step of the soul’s migration until it reaches its final destination. I was so happy to be able to speak about the period of the journey when those blessed will meet the Prophet ﷺ at the Basin (Hawd).

The talk also includes some of the Prophet’s ﷺ blessed descriptions and characteristics.

This was recorded and is posted here for those who wish to listen.

Ramadan Mubarak.

One thought on “Meeting Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ

  1. Assalamu Ailakum,
    MashaAllah, the lecture is very beneficial. This past week all of my reflections with my family have been about the Prophet (S.W.T) and I’m currently re-reading his biography. It is part of my “going back to the basics” in order to have strong foundation plan.
    JazakAllah khair.

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